The type or species mix is elected for a floor are usually determined by the required look of the floor, hardness requirements, the availability and price. Table 1 provides a guide for color, hardness and size availability of Australian timbers in general
used for flooring.

The sapwood of many hardwood species is much easier than between adjacent heartwood. If a species with lyctid susceptible sapwood is selected, then each sapwood, which are conserved in the boards. Treatment with CCA will usually give a green color to the sapwood.

The character of the floor is influenced by the nature and characteristics of the timber class. A recent trend towards natural feature such as gum veins and knots in many manufacturers have been provided with their own qualities and not only in the Australian standards.

Hardness gives an indication of some kind of "resistance to indentation and, to some extent wear. Floors, possibly under high traffic and high point loads, as they may, by high-heeled shoes specifications require difficult species. May be soft wood to indent under these conditions expected.

Not improve resistance of floor coverings collection, but abrasion resistance influence.

Reference: TRADAC Technical Data Sheet 11


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